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BioISI Research Seminars are back

That's right, the seminars are back! We are finally able to give you more of the scientific content you deserve and need, with all the necessary safety to protect you from 2020's bad man - through a Zoom link!

Developing a Sustainable and Circular Bio-Based Economy in EU: By Partnering Across Sectors, Upscaling and Using New Knowledge Faster, and For the Benefit of Climate, Environment & Biodiversity, and People & Business

Lange L, Connor KO, Arason S, Bundgård-Jørgensen U, Canalis A, Carrez D, Gallagher J, Gøtke N, Huyghe C, Jarry B, Llorente P, Marinova M, Martins LO, Mengal P, Paiano P, Panoutsou C, Rodrigues L, Stengel DB, van der Meer Y, Vieira H (2021) Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. 8, 1456;

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