Miguel J. N. Ramos, David Faísca-Silva, João L. Coito, Jorge Cunha, Helena Gomes Silva, Wanda Viegas, M. Manuela R. Costa, Sara Amâncio, and Margarida Rocheta

RNA editing challenges the central dogma of molecular biology, by modifying the genetic information at the transcription level. Recent reports, suggesting increased levels of RNA editing in plants, raised questions on the nature and dynamics of such events during development. We here report the occurrence of distinct RNA editing patterns in wild Vitis flowers during development, with twelve possible RNA editing modifications observed for the first time in plants. RNA editing events are gender and developmental stage specific, identical in subsequent years of this perennial species and with distinct nucleotide frequencies neighboring editing sites on the 5’ and 3’ flanks. The transcriptome dynamics unveils a new regulatory layer responsible for gender plasticity enhancement or underling dioecy evolution in Vitis.

Doi: 10.1101/2020.03.03.974626

Cited as: Ramos MJN, Faísca-Silva D, Coito JL, Cunha J, Silva HG, Viegas W, Costa MMR, Amâncio S, Rocheta M (2020). RNA editing in inflorescences of wild grapevine unveils association to sex and development. bioRxiv 2020.03.03.974626; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.03.03.974626.