Alan Phillips, Maria José Calhorda, Margarida Amaral, Miquéias Lopes-Pacheco and Rui Malhó are the five BioISI Researchers among the list of those who were higly-cited in 2022, according to the Elsevier ranking.

The article “October 2023 data update for ‘Updating the databases of authors of standardized citation indicators‘”, published by Elsevier, presents the databases with the most cited scientists worldwide in 2022 and points out the names of Alan Phillips, Margarida Amaral, Miquéias Lopes-Pacheco as being part of the most influent scientists in the year of 2022 as they are part of the top 2% most cited in their scientific fields. Additionally, the same article reveals that Allan Philips, Maria José Calhorda, Margarida Amaral and Rui Malhó belong to the group of the top 2% most-cited researchers throughout their careers (including also the year of 2022).

Congratulations to all these BioISI researchers for the results. Also, special word of gratitude for all BioISI researchers, who, even if not mentioned in this database, contribute everyday to the progress of Science in our institute!