BioISI in the Media

At BioISI, we believe that the communication with society at large is crucial as it facilitates sharing the efforts, benefits and knowledge derived from our research. Below you can find press clippings from BioISI researchers in the media.

March 2023

Epidemiological models: interview with Ganna Rozhnova in: Madd Maths 

January 2023

 Projeto Autonomia 21 in: A Nossa Tarde, RTP1 (television show)

July 2022

New Advances In The Search For Molecular Magnets in: Phys Org | Verve Times | My Droll | Samachar Central | News Beezer | Eurasia Review

Carlos M. Farinha eleito membro do Conselho de Direção da Sociedade Europeia de Fibrose Quística in: Atlas da Saúde | Mais Superior | Health News 

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