On May 16th, the Microscopy Open Day (MICRODia‘23) was celebrated. The initiative was promoted by the Portuguese Platform of Bioimaging (PPBI) and involved imaging facilities throughout Portugal. Hugo Botelho, from Ciências ULisboa Microscopy Facility and leader of the High-Throughput Screening Facility, and Luís Marques, also from the Microscopy Facility, hosted a visit from high school students.

For the two classes of 10th grade students from Escola Secundária D. Pedro V (Lisbon) the day started with a lecture, on which Hugo Botelho was able to share some theoretical aspects on microscopy. Additionally, students also had the opportunity to visit Ciências ULisboa Microscopy Unit and to perform hands-on activities, that mainly comprised the observation of animal cells and embryos using light microscopy techniques.

Hugo Botelho shared his evaluation of the day: “I think the initiative was a success”. The researcher explained that: “(…) Students and techers were very interested in learning more about microscopy and knowing exactly how it supports the research we do at the Faculty. They followed the seminar very carefully, asked questions, and managed to relate some of the topics with the subjects they learn in school and then took a guided tour of the microscopy labs, where we had some experiments set up for demonstration.”

The fact that it was a positive experience encourages the researchers, who are already thinking about the next edition, as Hugo Botelho refers: “Teachers have shown interest in repeating the visit next year, so we will keep in touch”.

Find out more about the initiative here.

Hugo Botelho’s Lecture @ MICRODia’23 [image provided by Hugo Botelho] 

Luís Marques’ Lecture @ MICRODia’23 [image provided by Hugo Botelho]