International Women’s Day | March 08

On this International Women’s Day, we are challenged to embrace equity. We are not talking about equality – which means  treating different people the same way. Instead, equity requires treating people properly according to the circumstances of each one, without allowing favoritism. Within this day, Ciência Viva recognizes several Portuguese women devoted to Science in a new edition of the book “Women in Science”, which includes the portrait of 101 female researchers in different scientific fields. Get to know below the testimonials of three BioISI female researchers who have been recognized in this book. 
Elvira Fortunato, Minister of Science and Technology, on this year’s edition of “Women in Science” preface says: «I believe that the more equal a society is, the more prosperous, fair, diverse and balanced it will be. (…) This is not the same as saying that women are better than men. Rather, it is to assert and demonstrate that women are equal to men in rights, responsibilities and capabilities. I will not give up on making the country, Europe and the world a more equal place for women and men.  I am asking you not to give up either, especially the young students: do everything to achieve what you want and never give up!»
Today we want to congratulate all BioISI female researchers who didn’t (and still don’t!) give up to build a more equitable and inclusive Science by highlighting three of our scientists who have been recognized and are part of that book. Get inspired by them!
Margarida Amaral | 2023 Edition 
I AM A BIOCHEMIST… «but I dedicate myself to molecular and cellular biology in biomedicine, studying the mechanisms of human disease. I’ve always been curious about the natural order of things, and how to act when something doesn’t work. How do molecules “talk” (or not in disease) inside the cell for their perfect functioning? How do they interact at the tissue, organ and human level as an (almost always) effective system? Answering these questions, I try to find ways to repair what doesn’t work.»
Margarida Amaral [photo included in the book “Women in Science” | credits: Rodrigo Cabrita]
Margarida Gama-Carvalho| 2021 Edition 
I AM A MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST…. «Molecular biology looks at the phenomena of life as a process of information, especially worrying about the mechanisms of living processes. This is something that fascinated me from an early age. Information is power. Power to predict, avoid, modify. To rewrite life. Two fundamental aspects of science are added here – understanding who and what we are and using that knowledge in a useful way, for the benefit of all. And question, always question.»
Margarida Gama-Carvalho [photo included in the book “Women in Science” | credits: Luís Filipe Catarino]
Maria José Calhorda | 2016 Edition 
I AM A CHEMIST… «Chemistry is a wonderful science that allows us to create new molecules and new materials in the laboratory. Then, thanks to computers, it is possible to study ways to modify these molecules and these materials and to better adapt them to the needs of the society in which we live. As a chemist, what I love most is metals!»
Maria José Calhorda  [photo included in the book “Women in Science” | credits: António Pedro Ferreira]
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Watch some photos from this year’s edition of the book launching below (courtesy of Carlos M. Farinha).