Miguel Machuqueiro, PI of the Molecular Modelling and Simulation Lab, Chemical for Biological Systems Group, was selected to be part of the COZYME (COmputationally assisted design of enZYMEs) COST ACTION’s Management Committee (MC).

This COST Action foresees the creation of a Pan-European collaborative network aimed at developing and implementing state-of-the-art computational tools for rapid enzyme improvement in order to the exploit of the development of industrially relevant enzymes. By being part of its MC, Miguel Machuqueiro hopes “(…) to enter into that community and to have a voice in their decisions.”

Furthermore, Miguel views this one as a valuable experience since it will also be advantageous for his own research and lab, as he attests: “This COST Action will be the perfect place to bring together experimentalists and people working on computational molecular modelling. In COZYME, there is a strong message from experimentalists calling out for new computational predictions to be later tested in the lab. Of course, this will foster new collaborations and bring to my lab new projects and opportunities to apply the methodologies we have been developing over recent years.”

Besides being part of the MC, Miguel Machuqueiro is, naturally, a partner within the consortium. In this way, the researcher explains how he think his own research can be helpful for the fulfillment of the project scientific goals: “My expertise in modelling the molecular effects of pH in enzymes can be of particular value to the Action as not many people tackle this important problem.”

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Miguel Machuqueiro [photo provided by the researcher]