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BioISI Facilities Day [+ Wines with Science]

Next November 24, 16h, BioISI will mark the National Scientific Culture Day by organizing the BioISI Facilities Day [+ Wines with Science]. Join us to get to know the BioISI facilities at your service and find out their involvement in BioISI wine and grapevine flagship project, finishing with a networking time and wine tasting.

Bio[r]SciDE – Science Days and Ephemeris | World Diabetes Day

Today is marked the World Diabetes Day - created to raise the awareness towards this silent pandemic affecting about 500 million adults worldwide and impacting the quality of life of people suffering from the disease. Paulo Dario and his team study a specific manifestation of the condition in youth: the Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY). Discover more about MODY and the research performed by Paulo Dario and his team here.

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BioISI Day 2020

BioISI joined to show BioISI´s major achievements from 2020

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