Portugal joins EU-OPENSCEEN ERIC

Portugal has become the most recent member of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) for chemical biology and early drug discovery (EU-OPENSCREEN). EU-OPENSCREEN aims to be the first stop for academic life scientists interested in developing molecules which contribute to improving human health and quality of life. The infrastructure supports the discovery of biologically active compounds for biological and pharmacological applications by providing open access to technologies (screening platforms), resources (large compound collections) and expertise (assay design, medicinal chemistry and others).

Participation in EU-OPENSCREEN will provide the Portuguese scientific community with enhanced opportunities for large scale compound discovery projects, facilitated transnational access to technologies, services and screening partner sites, as well as access to dedicated funding opportunities and more. Portugal will join other 8 member countries: the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Poland and Spain.

The Portuguese participation in EU-OPENSCREEN is framed within the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures, through PT-OPENSCREEN, the National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology and Genetics. BioISI is a founding member of PT-OPENSCREEN, represented by Hugo Botelho, manager of the High-Throughput Screening Facility (HTS).

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