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BioISI’s vision is to develop research of excellence on biosystems and integrative sciences so as to become the leading Portuguese center in this area, working at the forefront of international research.

By gathering scientists from biology, physics and computational sciences, BioISI benefits from a unique multidisciplinary environment to understand and address complex biological questions using integrative systems approaches.



Biological systems display complex properties that cannot be predicted from studying isolated parts. BioISI aims to solve emergent complex problems in biology and medicine, from molecules to cells, organisms to populations using a Systems approach. Addressing such complexity calls for integrative analyses combining high-throughput Omics techniques with quantitative science and computational tools to describe and predict dynamical behaviour.

The multidisciplinary environment of BioISI will enable it to address these biological questions with an unprecedented perspective from the exact sciences.

Research outcomes will contribute to improve human health, well-being, foods, as well as to innovate instrumentation and create novel biodevices, keeping the country at the forefront of innovation and generating economic opportunities.

BioISI research groups (RGs) are constituted by various teams (or Labs) each with a PI who reports to the RG leader RGL. These teams are grouped based on their common scientific area, methodologies, shared technologies and/or organism model. PIs from the same RG contribute to different Thematic Lines (TLs).

Each TL has a Coordinator (TLC) who promotes cooperative interactions to foster integrative research.

The BioISI Director, assisted by the RGLs and TLCs (Scientific Committee), is responsible for the strategic guidance and implementation of the external advisory board recommendations. The Scientific Council comprising all BioISI PhD researchers is the highest decision instance.

Meetings of BioISI Scientific Committee serve to:

  • Keep track of scientific and integrative research carried out by RGs;
  • Promote interactions and collaboration, ensuring that RGs work together, and build synergies based on their complementary resources and expertise;
  • Discuss with TLCs, strategies, scientific and integration issues, to adjust work plans and other relevant issues and to inform all teams to achieve synergy and cooperation among the TLs;
  • Create effective external collaborations (e.g., participation in EU projects and industrial interactions);
  • Carry out overall management, including issues with facilities, risk management, resolution of conflicts;
  • Ensure the exploitation of results and dissemination of foreground knowledge

Communication & Outreach activities are carried out by the BioISI Communication & Outreach Working Group which organizes BioISI seminars and other events, working jointly with FCUL press office to disseminate activities, major achievements, prizes, etc.

A Company Liaison Working Group fosters BioISI Industrial Relations in collaboration with Tech-Labs (www.teclabs.pt) FCUL’s organization for the creation and economic valorising of scientific knowledge.

BioISI activities are supported by a Secretariat to deal with its managerial aspects, in collaboration with administrative FFCUL/FCUL staff.