As in other years, BioISI has funded a one-year project for 5 teams of our researchers. These projects were submitted by the teams and evaluated by the BioISI Executive Board. The selected projects were considered original and of high relevance for BioISI interdisciplinary as well as revealing efforts to promote interaction between different Thematic Lines.

Below you can find the titles and names of the Supervisors of each Project.

A – Zwitterionic coatings for waterborne diseases prevention by Elisabete R. Silva and Ana Carapeto
B – Mechanic and viscoelastic properties of cells with defective intermediate filament networks: a role for the chaperone sacsin by Federico Herrera and Miguel Vitorino
C – Metabolomic signature and mitochondria phenotype for improving management of rare metabolic disorders by Filipa S. Carvalho and Vukosava Torres
D – Grapevine proteome profiling during the vegetative development by Ana Rita Santos and Inês Martins
E – Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease mutations: a computational approach by Hugo Martiniano and Nuno Galamba

Congratulations to you all and good luck on your research!