Lisboa (Portugal) 28 June 2019

We are planning a special day to gather and share some science. We will catch up on our latest results and have some time to celebrate. We want to invite all the community to join us and so have a fruitful discussion. It will take place on Auditório do Caleidoscópio, Jardim do Campo Grande, on June 28th. 

During the day, 3rd year PhD students will have the opportunity to present their work through oral communications. At the afternoon we will have a poster session to discuss the work of the most recent PhD students in our Institute. Additionally, we will count with the special participation of Joana Lobo-Antunes, from FCSH Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Estefania Mancini, a young Postdoctoral researcher in CRG (Centre for Genomic Regulation), Barcelona. It only will be possible thanks to the great support of ThermoFisher and Alfagene. Afterwards, thanks to the generous contribution of Casa Santos Lima, we will close the day with a tasty wine & cheese session. To conclude the meeting, we will count with best oral and poster communication awards offered by Wild Turtle Company. We want also to acknowledge GlebaFruut and A Saloinha for contributing to the most valuable moment of these events, the coffee breaks, and STAB VIDA, NZYTech and Paralab for sponsoring our event and ATFCUL for their valuable help with the lunch.  Finally, we won’t forget the enormous help given by our Institutions BioISIFCUL and ULisboa to make this day possible. This event was also partially financed by FCT Multi/04046/2019.

Check out the Programme here!

Book of abstracts available soon!

Keynote Speakers

Joana Lobo Antunes, FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Estefania Mancini, CRG Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain

PhD student’s representatives

Ana Rita Cavaco
Marina García-Vaquero
Gonçalo Nogueira
Rafael Nunes
Filipa Simões


Auditório do Caleidoscópio
Jardim do Campo Grande
1700-172 Lisboa