Margarida D. Amaral, Functional Genomics & Proteostasis Group Leader, and Cláudio M. Gomes, Protein Misfolding and Amyloids in Biomedicine Lab’s principal investigator, were distinguished, respectively, with the award in the category of Biology, Biological Engineering and Biotechnology and the honorable mention in Biomedical Sciences, within ULisboa/CGD Scientific Awards. These awards, created in 2016, are open to all ULisboa PhD researchers and aim to distinguish the scientific research and to promote the publication of scientific papers in top-class international journals.

Margarida D. Amaral was distinguished for the number and impact of the papers she and her team published in the last 5 years. For her, this recognition: “(…) means a lot because the scientific productivity implies recognition by peers. Also, this was particularly relevant because it covered the confinement periods due to the pandemic (2015-2021), which were very productive for me (in 2020 alone I published 21 articles)”.

Claudio M. Gomes was also recognized in this call – in his case, with an honorable mention – due to the work he and his lab recently developed towards a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying protein folding in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, and also for his inputs into the advanced training in the field. The researcher feels very satisfied with the results as he shares that: “This honorable mention is a recognition of the of the quality of the work (…) of my outstanding research team and collaborators, (…) only possible in the context of a fruitful research environment with optimal conditions for multidisciplinary research, such as those in BioISI/Ciências.”

Both Margarida and Cláudio view these distinctions as a lever to keep working to produce high-quality scientific research. “Since this award recognizes the impact of our work, it implies that the work we are carrying out is of high relevance and deserves being pursued”, points out Margarida. In the same way, Cláudio refers that: “(…) this honorable mention will certainly be an excellent impulse for my team towards our scientific objectives”.

Find out more about ULisboa/CGD Scientific Awards here.

From left to right: Margarida D. Amaral and Cláudio M. Gomes