BioISI @ Ciências Research & Innovation Day 2023

Next October 24 will take place the 5th edition of Ciências Research & Innovation Day, an event where the best science and innovation made in Ciências ULisboa is showcased.

The main part of the event will happen during the whole day in Auditorium 3.2.14 (Building C3, 2nd floor). Besides the top science presentations taking place during the day, it will also occur the attribution of Ciências 2022 Research Awards and the final of thePitch your science! Boosting Sustainable Development Goals’ Initiative

In particular, at lunch time (from 12,30 PM to 2,30 PM) a poster session (see all presentations here) will be held and a several speed-dates with FCiências.ID will be performed. In addition to the talk that will be given by Cláudio Gomes, Principal Investigator of the Protein Misfolding and Amyloids in Biomedicine Lab, at 3,30 PM (Auditorium 3.2.14) subjected to the topic TWIN2PIPSA – Twinning for strategic networking and impactful research and innovation in Biomedicine and Biotechnology BioISI will be represented in this event in the poster session. Furthermore, the BioISI Mass Spec Facility will also promote a speed-date on October 26, as part of  the side events that will span the whole week, between 23-27 October 2023!

For all these reasons, we encourage you to be part of this day! Participation is free, but prior registration is suggested.

Check out the whole event programme here and discover a myriad of side events here.

Check the detailed BioISI researchers’ participation below.

POSTER SESSION (October 24, FROM 12,30 PM to 2,30 PM)

Remodeling Lewis base anti-cancer drugs to selectively target acidic tumors | Nuno Oliveira, Computational Biophysics Lab | C3 Building Atrium

A new dual role for the cytoskeleton modulator INF2 in the regulation of CFTR | João F. Ferreira, Cystic Fibrosis Research Lab | C3 Building Atrium

The potential role of metabolism in the neurotoxic events of synthetic cathinones | Rita Padinha Lopes, Molecular Biodiscovery and Functional Bioanalysis Lab | C3 Building Atrium

Alpha-synuclein Structural Dynamics from Molecular Dynamics Simulations | Gabriel Martins, Molecular Aggregation in Disease Lab | C3 Building Atrium

Nanobodies as protein-based tools to modulate Tau aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease | Margarida Candeias Simões, Protein Misfolding and Amyloids in Biomedicine Lab  | C3 Building Atrium

Improving grapevine heat stress resilience with marine plant growth promoting rhizobacteria consortia | Ana Cruz-Silva, Grapevine-Pathogen Systems Lab | C3 Building Atrium

Disease similarity network analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and comorbid brain disorders | Joana Vilela, Systems approaches for personalised medicine Lab | C3 Building Atrium

Exploring respiratory proteins from human bacterial pathogens | Patrícia Pires, Bioenergetics Lab | C3 Building Atrium

Unraveling the complexity of COVID-19 by FT-ICR-MS | Mariana Louro, FT-ICR and Structural Mass Spectrometry Lab | C3 Building Atrium

Biochemical and biophysical alterations in glial cell models of the Autosomal Recessive Ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay (ARSACS) | Fernanda Murtinheira, Cell Structure and Dynamics Lab | C3 Building Atrium


Mass Spectrometry Omics: Revolutionizing Life Sciences’ Frontiers | Helena Gaspar, Vukosava Torres, Ana Isabel Janeiro, Vanessa Esteves, BioISI Mass Spec Facility | Lab 8.1.78

Visit to the BioISI Mass Spectrometry Facility laboratory where a brief explanation will be given about the recent work we have developed in the field of omics to help researchers to unravel the complex molecular mechanisms underlying biological systems!